For everyone, whether in their professional or personal lives, last year was a roller coaster of ups and downs. The SEO sector was not left out of it.

Here is a full blog of the most influential SEO news of 2021, from Google’s New Year organic shopping listings to how SEOs campaigned for gender equality and diversity to the next page experience improvement

Google’s 2020 algorithm change

There was some speculation among the search community that key algorithm upgrades would be halted because of the pandemic, however this did not occur. Here’s a rundown of what happened

The most important changes

Within two weeks of the year 2020, Google began rolling out the core update. Although it takes around two weeks for any upgrade to fully roll out, the business stated that it was completed four days later, on January 16th.

Four months later, the May 2020 core upgrade was released, and it was dubbed an “absolute monster” by some.

Analytics and reporting

In 2020, Google’s search dashboard saw many upgrades, the first of which was the introduction of a new removal tool. This feature allowed site owners to conceal URLs from search results for a limited time, as well as see which URLs were filtered by Safe Search and what information was displayed in search results. Google unveiled Google search console insights in August, which were designed specifically for content creators and publishers. This new version assists content creators in determining how well their work is performing, how people find it on the internet, what their site’s top and trending inquiries are, and what other sites and articles connect to theirs.


This year marks the 15th anniversary of Google Maps for Local, and the firm has released a new version of the app to commemorate the occasion. The bottom tabs were enlarged to five parts in the 2020 incarnation, including Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute, and Updates. Along with this, the business said that live view augmented reality walking guidance would be expanded.

Businesses utilising Google My Business had access to updated performance analytics, showing whether customers found them on maps or through search, as well as enhanced messaging via their business profile in maps, as part of the Maps upgrades that lasted through December. Individual company web search results have started to appear in Google Map search results.

Google My Business is a service provided by Google

There was a lot of buzz on Twitter in February about a new Google My Business area that assisted and encouraged business owners to include relevant keywords in their GMB descriptions.

After local SEOs brought the issue to Google’s attention, the corporation promptly reversed its position, and the messaging vanished. The following is a list of every location listed on GMB.

GMB, for example, records when visitors interact with restaurant staff-published information such as opening hours, menu highlights, and accessibility features, as well as content provided by influencers, customers, and local guides such as reviews, photos, and Q&A. As the popularity of “buy online, pick up in store” grew, Google announced that it will make local product inventory more discoverable using a more efficient.

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