The Pcnok is a medical research and healthcare consulting organization that gathers data on patient care. They are the largest in Oklahoma with over 50 employees working under their roof. Pcnok was founded in 2005 and has been running successfully since then, they have also expanded to other states such as Arkansas and Missouri. Pcnok offers services which include: health insurance administration, behavioral health care management, clinical research, healthcare consulting and more.

PCNOK Overview:

Pcnok works together with other organizations to gather information on patient care and Pcnok aims at improving the quality of healthcare. Pcnok has over 500 clients ranging from publicly funded organizations to private insurance companies. Pcnok believes that access, quality and cost of healthcare should be improved for the betterment of society.

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Today Pcnok is listed on NASDAQ under PCNO with a market cap at $115 million. Pcnok had an IPO in 2011 where Pcnok was listed for $11 per share. Pcnok is traded under PCNO and has had an impressive return since the IPO of over 500%. Pcnok was started by two business men with a very strong background in healthcare management, information technology, finance and operations.

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