I’m sure you have already understood how important social media is to grow your business, especially if the sector is tourism, especially hotels. So, if you haven’t done it yet, creating a Facebook page for hotels is a first step to building an excellent showcase for your property and increasing interaction with your customers or potential customers.

For some years, Facebook has been playing a leading role in tourism marketing and, with its continuous evolution, this social network has established itself as such an important platform that hoteliers cannot help but exploit it, to improve and generate additional revenues.

Here are some tips that will be useful for you to understand what you can post on your Facebook page!

Facebook page of a hotel
Facebook page of a hotel

The visual contents

As anticipated, the first goal of a Facebook page for the tourism sector is to create a good level of engagement . So images are essential in this sense, and each hotel has unique features to highlight.

From the photos of your staff, to the breakfast buffet, particular dishes of your restaurant , to the unique panorama that can be admired from the verandas of your hotel: these are just examples, but they can become excellent subjects for your photo shoots.

The most important thing to do is to publish photos that are the mirror of reality: so do not use filters that completely alter the photos, just to make them more attractive. Better to focus on the context, so that the user is not surprised when he will stay in your structure.

However, one thing to absolutely take into consideration is the image quality , so you could invest in a photo shoot or in any case take care in creating high definition content.

Would you be interested in going to a hotel that shows grainy, low resolution images? Not me

Not just photos, but also videos . The Facebook algorithm now greatly favors the use of videos (those uploaded directly to the platform, not external links such as Youtube) with gigantic engagement rates: think that 55% of the contents are expected to be by 2020 Facebook will be video!

So concentrate on this point, perhaps making video columns or mini interviews with members of your staff, the history of your company and the strengths that can make your structure worth compared to those of your competitors. In short, you are spoiled for choice, the important thing is to understand why to produce images and videos and focus on them!

Publication of targeted offers

To increase bookings through Facebook , you can focus on the publication of targeted offers that encourage your followers to take advantage of the promotion. And if you want more audience for your page then you need to Get Instagram followers Australia from social media servicing sites.

You could also think about offering dedicated deals ONLY to your followers, so as to create a sort of exclusivity that will make your followers feel important, as well as potentially increase your fan base.

Take advantage of the big events during the year, perhaps with a promotional code to receive a specific discount for an upcoming holiday, or a proposal for a stay with full board at a reduced price: by the way, it’s Valentine’s Day … you have already thought of some offer for lovers? 

Your customers as protagonists

Why not take advantage of your customers to create content to be conveyed on your Facebook page? In this way you will not be too self-referential in the posts, but rather you will be able to set up an even more truthful communication and you will give a positive image through those who really stayed in your hotel.

So go ahead for photos of your customers during their stay, photos during dinner in your restaurant or during an excursion that you propose among the various hotel services. This particular strategy is called User Generated Content , I’ll talk about it in a future article! 🙂 Photos and videos, but also reviews or particular thank you post columns: these are ideas that can be useful to improve and increase the level of Brand Reputation of your hotel.

I want to dwell for a moment on reviews: when are they important? A lot! Keep in mind that today, the power of feedback (positive or negative) is much, much higher than it used to be. Reviews have a very high virality, so pay close attention to the care of your service, so that your customer is always satisfied and can give you a positive review. I wrote an article on the importance of reviews for sites and e-commerce, if you want to read it you can find it here .

Take care of the tone of voice of your hotel

Through posts and writing you can convey more than you think: the tone in which you write, the words you use, the length of the text, are important to outline the style of your Facebook page for hotels .

Posts stimulate engagement, that’s what we’re aiming for. So green light also to written posts, where maybe you can ask for opinions or create small polls to invite the user to comment. A nice comparison could arise in which interesting ideas for improvement will emerge, but above all you will be able to involve your customer and give relevance to his opinion.

Do not let yourself go to too long texts, people have little desire to read and get bored easily: better short and direct posts that statistically receive many more “Likes”, shares and above all comments!

Territory news aggregator

If you scroll through your Facebook news feed, you will notice how you are constantly bombarded with the most disparate news and from different sources. Among your goals you could try to considerably reduce the flow of this information (tourist, of course), making your page the only official source!

How can you do it? Simple, you select all the news about events, festivals, itineraries, destinations, close to your structure, and re-elaborate the content in an original way, introducing this news into the dedicated pages on your website (events page, itineraries page, etc).

Then share these news on your Facebook page, personalizing the post and inserting a specific Call to Action that invites the user to fill in the post: you will see that, little by little, your hotel bookings will also increase. So it is essential to make your Hotel’s website popular, also giving reason to browse it by providing links to current and constantly updated content, increasing not only the authority of your structure, but also the awareness that your Hotel is the best structure in which stay for that specific event.

Did I give you any useful ideas? I hope so! Now you just have to try and, if you need advice, a free consultation or want to entrust us with a serious social media marketing project, I refer you to this site Socialcaptain.com.au.