There is no secret that video consumption has become the most popular choice for the people on internet.

Do you know? As of today, people spend over 100 minutes of their time watching the video content through their smart phones.

This information is enough for any business marketing strategist to bank on videos for their brand promotion.

However, just creating some content is not enough. It should engage the viewers – only then will they talk about the product with each other online.

Indirect conversations and word-of-mouth are as important for the brand building as the advertising or PR!

There is a sharp increase in the number of viewers on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Hence, leading some drastic changes to adapt for the marketing teams around the world.

Here are some aspects of how video content is changing the world.

A business marketing tool

86% of the business marketing teams have used video marketing as their primary tool that is an increase from the past three years, which was at 63%. However, this was not the same a decade ago. The sole purpose of a video was to communicate with the customers about the product and its uses.

As the videos became accessible, video apps grew more popular amongst the public. Understanding this simple tactic was enough for the business people to develop more intrinsic ways of communication with the general audience.

Fun Fact: Video apps are not the only way you can share your visual content. Emails are every marketer’s best friend. Add a brief video clip in your email to the prospects to improve email open rate and increase responses.

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The accessibility

The extent to which the internet and its content is accessible to the public is just mind-blowing! It has become more intimate with time. With the options like Livestreaming and direct messaging, the brands can now easily access their audience for an interaction.

You will also observe how an average child exposes to the YouTube at a very early age. They can now toggle between different apps to absorb more information and content. We are also seeing the rise of the number of shares and views. The technology has made it easy to share the content in real-time.

The power of story telling

These days, a 15-second reel is sharing a more powerful message than an entire 3-hour long movie! That is how the visual storytelling has changed over the time. Even the audience’s attention span has reduced. They find it better to watch various storylines in a 15-minutes span than commit to an hour long episode.

This aspect becomes a strong USP (Unique Selling Point) for many brands. Understand what your customer needs and expectations are. Convert their interests in order to an interesting story and execute with good production values. Always remember that content is always the king and creating quality content will ensure better brand visibility.

Final thoughts

A visual content connects with the customer more personally than compared to the text. So, ensure to invest time and budget for visual marketing.