Looking to adopt a furry friend? Or planning on giving one to your daughter for her 30th birthday? Whatever the reasons, having a pet as a friend is one of the best things you can do. The majority of the people who are looking to do this, often choose to go with the common breeds that you may find in most homes, but what about all the others that need a home? 

The first thing to do is to decide which one you want to get, because there are many to choose from, depending on the breeder or shelter you go to. However, if you pick one beforehand, based on their traits or unique characteristics, you could save yourself a lot of time and run around.

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We have done the hard work for you, so you don’t need to. The below list of a few of the good ones, according to us, may help you choose the right one.


Are you looking for something unique? The random gene pool that you find amongst calico cats is one of a kind. You will never find two with the same markings on their coat as these guys. The other interesting fact about them is, the majority of them are female, because of the X-chromosome, and males are a very rare bunch. So rare that the females make up over 99% of them. Find out more about this here.

These are some of the most beautiful felines you could ever find. The name ‘calico’ doesn’t refer to the breed itself, but rather the color of their fur.


Then there are the popular Siamese types, which have been around for ages. Originally from Thailand, a place called Siam (thus the name), they are a cross between the Sphynx, Himalayan and Oriental shorthair. These too, have a beautifully colored coating, with unusual markings on their feet, tail and face which are darker than the rest of their bodies. It almost looks like they’re wearing knee-high socks at some point. 

They can get up to 14 inches and weigh about 15 pounds. Their life expectancy is anywhere between 9 to 12 years. If you have watched the popular kids animated movie “Lady and the Tramp” you would have seen one of these in it. 


A wild-looking feline, the Bengal are one of a kind. If you have seen a cheetah or a tiger, you would think this is a miniature version of one of them, thus their name ‘Bengal’ which comes from the Asian Bengal tigers. 

Caring for them is not complicated, but it’s best to do your research first before bringing him home: https://www.dailypaws.com/cats-kittens/cat-breeds/bengal It has the same markings on its coat, a mustard layer with dark black or brown spots all over its body and is very active and talkative too.

They sit proudly and require a lot of exercises and varied activities, so be careful who you give them to, as not everyone likes to have a cat that looks and runs like a cheetah inside their homes.



Just like the Ragdoll or the Siamese, these Birman cats are also quite a colorful species. They typically have sky blue eyes and a healthy coat of long fur. They do not, however, have an undercoat so taking them out in winter is not recommended. The majority of the original ragdoll breeds come from the Birman. 

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These guys love attention and are social and fun-loving cats. Although the attention they want will only usually be from one person, their chosen one. 

Norwegian Forest Cat

If ever there was a cat that looked like he belongs in a fairy tale, it is the Norwegian Forest Cat. It comes with a large amount of fur, and it is long it is longer than most cats with long fur. He is big, has big paws and is the cousin of the Maine Coon, which belongs to the Viking’s originally. These cats, although they are large and have some of the biggest paws you would have ever seen, are one of the most affectionate types on the planet.

Their double coat is a perfect fit for any cold weather, and as they originated from Norway, that should be an indication of the type of extreme weather conditions the breed should be used to. These cats make for some interesting fairytales too.


Of course, we had to add these guys to our list, well, because they’re famous. Another cat that has a truckload of fur is the Persian. They also go by the name ‘longhairs’, especially in the U.S. they are luxurious cats and are kept by many celebrities and stars just because you can stroke their long soft hair and they just look like a diva cat.

These are some of the most popular breeds in the world, hands down. However, if you are not into more than regular grooming, stay away from them as all that fur needs to be kept in tip-top shape at all times otherwise you risk shedding, mites and various other skin conditions. One thing to note is they are prone to kidney disease so may need frequent visits to the vet to get an ultrasound.

Needless to say, you need to be able to afford to care for them at all times.

We hope one of these resonates with you and you end up choosing the right one for your home which could be a life-long furry companion to you and your family, or friends.