Traditional big office coworking  spaces are now a thing of the past. It takes up more capital, and you end up paying for the extra space that you don’t need. Co-working spaces are the new office spaces that are currently gripping the business industry. So what is a co-working space? 

Co-working spaces are shared office spaces between a large number of people. Each office can host multiple freelancers, small and big companies, entrepreneurs, and many more working people. Anyone who needs personal office space on rent can rent a cubicle in a coworking space according to their requirement. The best part is you pay for the amount of space you use. 

But, being surrounded by several people, with each person working in a different field can hamper your productivity. 

It is a human tendency to get distracted by the slightest noise in our environment. It is easy for us to eavesdrop on someone’s conversations or brainstorming sessions as we share a workspace. Social interaction with other people is a social obligation too. So how do we focus on our work and achieve productivity? 

Productivity and work efficiency is dependent on self-discipline and control. At iKeva, we want everybody to work efficiently and dedicatedly towards their goal. To help you out, we have compiled the following tips to help you get there!

Here are 5 helpful tips to improve productivity and efficiency in a coworking space


Working around like-minded professionals helps you tap into their bundle of knowledge. Several people work at our coworking space. This gives you a perfect opportunity to brainstorm your ideas and work on problems with multiple people. Coworking spaces allow you to learn something new every day from like-minded professionals, some of whom have vast skills and talents. These furnished office spaces act as business centers. 

In the long run, you become knowledgeable, creative, and eventually start thinking out of the box and aren’t limited to your capacity for ideas. 

Work-Life Balance

You are a freelancer and you do not have the capital to rent out an entire office space. You need to focus on your work but your family or pets keep distracting you at home. Coworking space is the best way to get your own office space with limited capital. You probably understand how important it is to keep a work-life balance. Working from home 24×7 hampers your productivity and also interferes with your personal life. Your work and your family are deprived of dedicated time and focus. It’s best to keep your office space and personal space independent from each other. A coworking space in Bangalore helps you achieve the perfect work-life balance. 


Working for long hours at a stretch can affect your health both mentally and physically. 60% of young adults suffer from depression, anxiety, fatigue, and back pain due to long hours of work and digital screen time. Maintaining the correct posture while working helps. We recommend taking short breaks of at least 5 mins every hour from your workspace. Walk around a little, stretch your muscles, and interact with someone. Give your body a break from the monotonous sitting position at the work desk. This will surely boost your productivity. 

Maintain a tasklist

The most efficient and traditional way of increasing work efficiency is by maintaining a checklist or a task list. Maintain your task list in your diary, or an excel sheet, and make sure to complete the tasks as per the deadline. This gives you an idea of the work pending and the time required to complete the tasks. Additionally, it will also help you to plan your work meetings and brainstorming sessions. 

Focus on Yourself

Working in a coworking space can be distracting. Someone you know goes on a break, someone who sits next to you has finished his tasks for the day and wants to socialize, someone heads home early from work. You focus on yourself. Make time for breaks and socialize, or go home early from work but only after you’ve completed your task list for the day. Do not let others influence you. 

Productivity is not achieved by putting in long hours at work. Maintaining a work-life balance, taking frequent breaks, and focussing on yourself is the key to work efficiency.  ikeva offers the Most Best in class Environment configured with all kinds of offers and Best in class amenities.