When we talk about social media marketing, TikTok is one of the most liked social media platforms that clicks our mind. But this truly came as a that Tik Tok is the Top Domain of the Year! And Google Loses its Top Domain Spot.

Google is the most used search engine in the World and undoubtedly everyone of us depends on this in some way or the other. Whether we are stuck with some query or want to find a café near us, Google is our partner to find the right things around us. 

This Google is no longer the world’s most popular domain. Yes, this could be a surprise, but it is true. This happened after it was dethroned by TikTok, according to rankings from web security company Cloudflare.

Cloudflare, every year lists the most domains as per the rank and the list for this is out. In this list of most popular domains which is part of Cloudflare’s Year in Review report, talks about the domains that have gained the most traffic from one year to another.

How TikTok become the top domain of the year

Google.com is popular one — it includes Maps, Translate, and News among others — ended the previous year as the leader in Cloudflare’s rankings. TikTok last year was at Position 7.

TikTok has become immensely popular in this one year and by the end of 2021 it was at the top by defeating giant domains like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other world leading domains.

Cloudflare describes TikTok’s journey toward becoming the most popular domain throughout the year 2021:

Here is what Cloudflare says about the Top Domain of the year 2021 – TikTok -“It was on February 17, 2021, that TikTok got the top spot for a day. Back in March, TikTok got a few more days and also in May, but it was after August 10, 2021, that TikTok took the lead on most days. There were some days when Google was #1, but October and November were mostly TikTok’s days, including on Thanksgiving (November 25) and Black Friday (November 26).”

Here’s the full list of the top 10 most popular domains as of late 2021:


Apart from Google and TikTok, from the list below you have an understanding about the other top 10 domains of the year 2021. Followed by TikTok and Google, Facebook this year was at number 3 position. At last two positions were Twitter and Whatsapp. Below is the complete list of Domains. Have a look:

  1. TikTok.com
  2. Google.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Microsoft.com
  5. Apple.com
  6. Amazon.com
  7. Netflix.com
  8. YouTube.com
  9. Twitter.com
  10. WhatsApp.com

Not only the list of famous domains, Cloudflare’s report also included the lists of the most popular social media domains, most popular e-commerce platforms, and most popular video streaming sites. 

If we talk about the ecommerce websites list, to no surprise, Amazon topped the list being the most popular e-commerce domain of the year 2021, the list was followed by Taobao, Ebay, and Walmart.

Moving down to the list of most popular video streaming sites was dominated by giants such as Netflix, YouTube, and HBOMax. Interestingly, Twitch didn’t manage to crack the top 10.

Putting These Rankings In Perspective?

What does TikTok coming to top means? Does this mean TikTok has become the biggest social media site now? But to make it clear, for now it is not! it still has a long way to cover to reach to the top. It is a new website and there are lot of hurdles that it needs to cross to attain this height. Only achieving this mile stone is not enough for TikTok but nevertheless it is huge success and achievement at this early stage.

According to Cloudflare, TikTok.com has received more traffic than any other domain and that is the reason it is the top position in the list they have released. But we need to understand it very clearly that this doesn’t mean TikTok has got or achieved more users than Google or competing social media websites. Insider Intelligence which is a former eMarketer has reported that TikTok was successful in surpassing social media famous websites like Snapchat and Twitter in global user numbers but it is still way behind Facebook and Instagram.

To be precise, TikTok is the third largest social media platform in the World. The number of global TikTok users number increased 59.8% in 2020 and went up by an further 40.8% in 2021. Which is huge!

Additionally, Insider Intelligence assessments show that TikTok will see a 15.1% growth in global users this year that is in 2022.

If this estimate turn outs to be true, TikTok will hold a 20% share of overall social media users by the end of next  year. So, Social Media Marketers, Pull your socks, If TikTok is still not a part of your social media marketing strategy for 2022, these numbers would definitely want you to make it a priority.