Have you heard about the massive gains that binary options promise? A return of 80% would tempt any trader. Furthermore, the device is simple to operate. So, do you want to give it a shot? In this article, we will outline the most often utilized methods that are suitable for a novice and show you how to test them securely without putting any money at risk.

The first thing you’ll probably wonder is, “What are binary options?” These are agreements in which you must estimate whether the price of an asset, such as a stock or a precious metal, will go upwards or downwards within a given time frame. So, if your prognosis comes true, you will win and receive the cash risked back, as well as a 70–80 per cent return. And if your prediction is incorrect, you will lose all of the money you bet. However, keep in mind that this trading instrument entails considerable dangers as well as enormous gains, which is why experts advise keeping tiny bets of no more than 5% of your cash.

So, how can such bets be profitable? The following are the top fundamental binary options strategies:

  • Must follow Trends. Examine the charts, choose the asset with a clear rising or decreasing trend, and place a wager. There is a significant likelihood that its value will rise or fall in tandem with the comparable item. However, avoid items with consistent costs (the corresponding charts will have a form of a straight line).
  • For example, if you discover that a firm is set to launch a new exciting product, the price of its shares will almost certainly rise.
  • You can also profit from stock price changes induced by interesting news. For example, when a corporation introduces new products, its stock price rises for a brief period before falling.
  • It entails wagering against the prevailing trend.
  • Patterns of candlestick formation It is necessary to examine past charts to determine when and to what extent the chosen asset’s price falls or rises. Enables the pattern to be determined.
  • Analysis of the fundamentals. This method entails conducting an extensive study on the asset (or a firm associated with it) so that you may utilise this knowledge later when the market is volatile, and you can forecast the direction of the price movement.
  • At the same time, one makes two opposing bets. A profit is made regardless of price fluctuation. However, it is critical to precisely evaluate prospective losses and winnings and to compare them.

Finally, we must emphasise that, regardless of technique, you must devote sufficient time to previous market studies and limit your bets to a minimum. Also, before placing a real wager, we recommend that you try any new technique or approach with virtual money using a demo account.