Since its launch in 2006, Fashion Nova has grown into one of the most popular fast-fashion brands in the world. Fashion Nova’s unique sense of style and incredible affordability has seen it grab the attention of popular celebrities and influencers worldwide. But there’s one specific industry where Fashion Nova seems to dominate, the music industry. Fashion Nova has become many rappers’ favorite go-to shopping spot for all their fashion needs.

Many rappers and artists have come out boldly expressing their love for Nova with a good number of them mentioning this fashion house in their songs. Who thought rappers would go crazy over fast fashion? Well, it’s happening now thanks to Fashion Nova. And the reality is, most rappers now are ditching the overpriced designer outfits for Fashion Nova’s affordable pieces.

Here, we look at some of the rappers who represent Fashion Nova.

Cardi B

Cardi B is one of the famous American rappers who represent Fashion Nova. In one of her songs, titled, ‘She bad’ Cardi B says, “I could buy designer, but this Fashion Nova fit.” 

This line shows how much Cardi B appreciates Fashion Nova’s affordability and although she can afford designer pieces, she still prefers shopping at this Los Angeles-based fashion house.

The relationship between Cardi B and Fashion Nova is one to be admired. It goes all the way back to 2014 when the two started working together. By this time most fashion brands hadn’t endorsed Cardi B but Fashion Nova believed in her. She positively impacted the brand, and the partnership boosted Nova’s sales.

Besides mentioning Fashion Nova in her music, Cardi B has also partnered with this fashion house to run a philanthropic initiative. The duo offered help to the minority Americans who had been hard hit by the effects of the pandemic. They gave $1000 every hour to the qualifying individuals.

Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke is an American rapper popular for his song, ‘Dior.’ And recently, he joined the list of famous rappers who rap Fashion Nova by mentioning this fashion brand in his song titled, ‘what you know bout love.’

In this song, Pop says, “Shawty could Fendi out, but she like Fashion Nova (Nova).” He makes it clear that although the lady could afford Fendi, she still goes for Fashion Nova.

John Hart

John Hart in his song, ‘Slidin’ talks about Fashion Nova. He says, “I like them Fashion Nova jeans (Fashion Nova jeans).”

He’s one of the male rappers who adore Fashion Nova. This brand released an incredible men’s line which just like the women’s clothing line before it, hit the internet with a bang. And John Hart’s words are clear that Fashion Nova’s men’s jeans are outstanding.


In her song dubbed ‘Walkin trophy,’ this singer mentions Fashion Nova saying, “Fashion nova jeans grip di ass tight.”

Well, true to her words, there’s something about Fashion Nova jeans that makes them a preference for many shoppers. They are made from a perfect blend of materials to offer a perfect fit. These jeans come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of different wearers. And for sure, they do grip the ass tight!