Tooth Decay and cavities are such prevalent issues nowadays in adults and children, but the problem is what to do about this? Whether Root Canal or Tooth Extraction?

Well, whatever you do, it’s up to you. The main idea is to have better care and needs that should be analyzed both by the adults and the children.

Adults can take care of their own, but what about children? Even taking care of their child is the responsibility of the adults.

So the dental procedure that will be suitable for the child is selected by their parents. Most of the parents opt for tooth extraction for their children rather than Root Canal.

But the responsibility did not end up with this; they should also take care after their child has undergone a tooth extraction, right? But how? That’s what I am herewith. Today in this article, I’ll explain how to take care of your child after Tooth Extraction.

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth Extraction is the procedure of removing the tooth, which is affected by either cavities or Tooth Decay. The main idea for performing a Tooth Extraction is to prevent the infection from spreading all over the mouth and further cavities or tooth decay to other teeth.

What are the reasons for Tooth Extraction?

Reasons for Tooth Extraction:

  • If your teeth have been damaged due to cavities, tooth decay, or any periodontal disease, then you may need a Tooth Extraction.
  • If you have undergone any injury or trauma or if you have a broken tooth, even then, you may need Tooth Extraction.
  • If you have any Dental or Gum ulcers, even then, you need Tooth Extraction.
  • If you have crowded teeth, you may need Tooth Extraction.
  • If you have an Impacted tooth, your dentist will advise you for Tooth Extraction.

How would you Take care of your child after Tooth Extraction?

Monitoring your child while brushing:

After the tooth extraction procedure, the parents must monitor their child keenly, especially while they are brushing. The parents must advise and take care that their child does not apply much force while brushing in the region where the tooth has been extracted. It is the main area where the parents need to observe their child.

Do not let your child participate in any sports event:

After the Tooth Extraction, the parents must not let their child participate in sports as this is one of the main recommendations which the dentist makes and not to do as this can cause certain damages to the child’s teeth.

Try to avoid hard foods:

After the day of the extraction, do not let your child eat hard food. Advice them to eat soft food and keep them away from the complex and challenging foods as this may harm the area where the tooth has been extracted.

Seek emergency relief for constant pain in the area:

If your child is kept on complaining of pain in the same region even after the doctor’s prescribed medications, do not ignore it. Seek emergency relief and visit the dentist as early as possible as this can indicate a dry socket condition, and this condition may need to be treated by the dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to take care of your child after Tooth Extraction.

What should we feed the kids after the Tooth Extraction?

After the Tooth Extraction, feed your child only liquids and soft foods for 24 hours. Do not let them drink hot drinks, or do not let them sip through the straw. The next day after the treatment, you can allow them to eat solid foods if they do not have any problem and feel comfortable.

How can we heal our gums after the Tooth Extraction?

After the Tooth Extraction, you should need to rinse your mouth with the saltwater solution as this can heal your irritated tissues and draw out infections from them. So it is always recommended to rinse your mouth with salt water after the Tooth Extraction.

What are the do’s and don’ts after the Tooth Extraction?

Do’s after the Tooth Extraction:

  • Apply Icepacks on the area of the surgery to make it heal as soon as possible.
  • Have plenty of rest after the Tooth Extraction procedure as this can make it heal soon.

Don’ts after the Tooth Extraction:

  • Do not smoke after the Tooth Extraction as this can affect the blood clot and make the sockets dry and cause further problems.
  • Do not eat hard solid substances immediately after the Tooth Extraction Procedure, as this can hurt your gums and the place where the surgery has been carried out.

What are the benefits of Tooth Extraction?


  • You can protect your other surrounding teeth if you are suffering from any infection.
  • Tooth Extraction can end your pain by removing the root cause of your pain or suffering and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Tooth Extraction Procedure can prevent tumors, jaw damage, and cysts.

What are the risks involved in the Tooth Extraction procedure?


  • After the Tooth Extraction procedure, the area where the surgery has been undertaken can swell, pain, and become red.
  • There is a risk of infection around the area where the surgery has been undertaken.
  • Due to intolerable pain, you can experience severe fever in most cases.

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Tooth Extraction has become a prevalent issue nowadays. So there is no need to fear at all. Whether you are an adult or a child, that doesn’t matter; everyone needs appropriate care and need proper precautions to follow and take care of their teeth and dental health.

Hope you would have understood. Kindly ask if you have any queries related to the concerned topic. See you soon.