A well-decorated dining table is a visual treat, and it helps make a simple meal seem so presentable and enticing. The décor of your dining room and your attention to detail in terms of your dining room décor demonstrate to your guests how important they are and how happy you are to welcome them to your home. As per Elementary, the overall aesthetic ambiance and décor of your dining room speak volumes about your mood, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes. A table runner is an excellent choice for livening up your rooms especially, the dining room. 

Runners for your tables are available in diverse designs and fabrics to suit different occasions. You have access to embroidered, block-printed, quilted, appliquéd runners to suit unique requirements. Runners are fast gaining traction, and they have become an integral part of table décor. 

Decorate Your Tables with an Eye-Catching Table Runner

  • It helps demonstrate the tone or feeling about dining together with friends and family.
  • It lets your guests know that they are close to your heart, and you have dressed up the table to welcome them and make them feel important.
  • It helps to make your food presentation look impressive, and the food served seems incredibly enticing.

Choosing the Right Table Runner Fabric

Table runners are available in diverse materials or fabrics. Usually, the ease of sewing, the cost, the design of the fabric, the desired color, ease of washing or maintenance, and longevity are some of the critical factors to consider while choosing the right table runner fabric. The most popular option is quilting cotton since it comes in a broad spectrum of designs and colors. Quilting cotton is also easy to maintain and launder. You may choose silk, linen, faux-suede, polyester, wool, satin, or even velvet table runner to dress up your table. Existing décor, personal preferences, and the function are some of the parameters to consider while choosing the perfect table runner.

Some Crucial Table Runner Functions

Protect the Table: Often you may wish to flaunt your expensive wooden table. A tablecloth will cover the entire table and ruin the gorgeous tabletop and mar its beauty. When you are not willing to use a tablecloth but are worried about accidental spills that may damage the rich wooden surface, you may use a table runner. You may place your plates and hot dishes on the runner to safeguard your favorite oak table from heat or accidental spills.

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Safeguard the Tablecloth: Some people end up burning a hole in their pockets while choosing a top-quality tablecloth. They may be worried sick that their tablecloth will be damaged because of food spills during a party. In such a case, you may use a nice table runner to protect an expensive tablecloth from undesirable spillage. 


Use a gorgeous table runner for creating a focal point. Runners are best for making your room more interesting. A gorgeous table runner helps in adding a touch of sophistication to your dinner table. It can take your dining room décor to the next level.