The following may be a script from “Lumber Liquidators” that aired on March one, 2015. Anderson Cooper is the correspondent. Katherine Davis and guided missile Horn blower, producers.

Lumber Liquidators is the largest and fastest-growing merchandiser of hardwood flooring in North America, with over 360 stores in forty six states and revenues of over a billion bucks a year. However, hardwood is not the only product they sell. over a hundred million sq. feet of the company’s cheaper laminate flooring is put in in yankee homes each year.

Lumber Liquidators may be a U.S. company, however abundant of its laminate flooring is formed in China, and as we have a tendency to discovered throughout our investigation, could fail to fulfill health and safety standards, as a result of it contains high levels of methanal, a acknowledged cancer inflicting chemical. Lumber Liquidators insists its Chinese-made laminate flooring is safe, however it does not seem that manner supports what we have a tendency to learn from our own coverage and from the work of individuals like Denny Larson.

Anderson Cooper: you would like the corporation to get rid of all the flooring?

Denny Larson: each single board. At their value and replace it with clean flooring.

Anderson Cooper: What proportion is that gonna cost?

Denny Larson: You recognize what? I do not care. as a result they are guilty of merchandising folks’ products that would build them sick.

These distressed Calif. householders, UN agency did not wish to be known, are not awaiting Lumber Liquidators. they’re cacophonic up their floors currently. however several cannot afford to interchange the flooring on their own.

Denny Larson: They do not understand what to try to do. they need flooring that they suppose is creating them sick.

Denny Larson, UN agency is the decision maker of a noncommercial cluster known as World Community Monitor, teamed up with Richard Drury, a distinguished environmental professional, to check Lumber Liquidators Chinese-made laminate flooring.

Anderson Cooper: does one have any plan what proportion of this wood is in people’s homes right now?

Richard Drury: we have a tendency to believe there ar in all probability tens of thousands of households in Calif. that have put in Lumber Liquidators Chinese laminates that will exceed methanal standards

Anderson Cooper: Nationwide?

Richard Drury: Nationwide, it’s in all probability many thousands.

Drury and Larson bought over a hundred and fifty boxes of laminate flooring at stores around Calif. and sent them to 3 certified labs for a series of tests. The results? whereas laminate flooring from Home Depot and Lowes had acceptable levels of methanal, as did Lumber Liquidators American-made laminates, each single sample of Chinese-made laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators did not meet Calif. methanol emissions standards. several by an outsized margin.

Richard Drury: The common level in Lumber Liquidators products that we have a tendency to find was over six to seven times higher than the state normal for methanal. and that we found some that were getting ready to twenty times higher than the extent that is allowed to be sold .

Anderson Cooper: That seems like a large quantity.

Denny Larson: it is a large quantity

Richard Drury: It is a surprising quantity. it absolutely was therefore high, in fact, that one in all our take a look at labs thought their machine was broken.

Anderson Cooper: The work itself thought…

Denny Larson: It hit the higher limit on the measuring system gun. and that they thought it absolutely was broken.

Dr. Duke of Edinburgh Landrigan: it isn’t a secure level, it is a level that the US Environmental Protection Agency calls impure indoor conditions.

Anderson Cooper: Would you like that in your home?

Dr. Duke of Edinburgh Landrigan: No.

Dr. Duke of Edinburgh Landrigan of N.Y. ‘s Mt. Sinai Hospital, focuses on environmental pediatric medicine and exposure to cytotoxic chemicals. He is talking regarding the results of another quite take a look at Drury and Larson conducted measurement the concentration of methanal emissions returning off the laminates into the air of a typical home.

Dr. Duke of Edinburgh Landrigan: I might say long-run exposure at that level would be risky as a result of it’d increase the danger for chronic metastasis irritation, modification during a person’s respiratory organ operation, hyperbolic risk of asthma attack. it isn’t getting to turn out symptoms in everybody however youngsters are the folks possibly to point out symptoms at that kind of level.

Children are featured conspicuously in Lumber Liquidators ads, and therefore the company likes to push the donations of flooring they create to surround Humanity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, schools, and community centers.

And on their website, Lumber Liquidators guarantees that each one of their flooring “meets or exceeds rigorous emissions standards” and that they say “we not solely suit laws, we have a tendency to exceed them.”

Anderson Cooper: Is that true?

Richard Drury: That’s not a real statement.

Anderson Cooper: Is it legal to sell these boxes of wood in California?

Richard Drury: No, it is not. it’s criminal to sell these boxes of wood in Calif.. we have a tendency to hope that they’re going to not sell these products anyplace within the nation, as a result of they’re higher than the health-based standards the state law has set.

Drury and Larson, UN agency are backed by short sellers — a gaggle of Wall Street investors UN agency dissipated the corporate is overvalued — have sued Lumber Liquidators, accusive them of violating California’s cytotoxic warning statute. Drury has additionally launched a category action against the corporation.

It is legal for flooring to contain metal. The chemical is a gift in a number of budget glues utilized in factories like this one in China. This footage was recorded by investigators employed by her.

Formaldehyde is within the glues wont to bind wood particles along to create the core boards in laminate flooring. The laminated prime, that covers the core board, keeps most of the methanal emissions cornered within. however methanal will leak into the air.

How abundant is indrawn by householders depends on what proportion of metal is within the glue and the way much ventilation is within the home.

Denny Larson: you are during a chamber therefore you are living with it. you are sleeping in there. And you are perpetually exposed. That is the threat. The constant exposure to a potent matter over an extended amount of your time.

Because methanol will cause granulocytic leukemia and bodily cavity cancer at high levels and metastasis problems also as eye, nose and throat irritation at even low levels, Calif. has strict standards for the abundance of the chemical the core boards in laminate flooring will emit.

Every box of laminate flooring Lumber Liquidators sells carries this label – stating its CARB section two Compliant – CARB is associate descriptor for the Calif. Air Resources Board, that sets strict standards for methanol emissions in wood flooring. Congress adopted California’s limits once it passed the methanal Standards Act in 2010. That law is regular to require impact nationwide this year.

Drury and Larson solely had wood tested that was being sold  in Calif.. however we have a tendency to be puzzled if the Chinese-made laminate flooring that Lumber Liquidators is merchandising nationwide additionally has high levels of methanol. Therefore we have a tendency to visit stores in Virginia, Florida, Texas, Illinois and the big apple, and acquire thirty one boxes of it.

We sent the samples for testing at 2 certified labs. It seems of the thirty one samples of Chinese-made laminate flooring, only 1 was compliant with methanol emissions standards. Somewhere over 13x over the Calif. limit. Each lab told the USA they’d ne’er seen methanol levels that high.

But once we took a look at the results to Lumber Liquidators’ founder and chairman Tom Sullivan, he refused to simply accept the methodology as valid and pointed out the corporation isn’t needed by law to check their finished product like we have a tendency to do.