Luciana Barroso is a Brazilian businesswoman and former model. She was the president of Heinz, an American food company for eight years until 2003 when she resigned from her post to pursue other opportunities outside of the company. In 2012, Luciana became chairman of Johnson & Johnson’s Family Care division in Brazil. Luciana has been married twice and has two children with her second husband, Marco Antonio Costa – a son named Eduardo and daughter named Giovanna. Luciana Barroso Net Worth is worth $1 billion USD as of 2021 according to Forbes’ list of The World’s Billionaires.

The Worth of Luciana Barroso is expected to exceed $1 billion by 2021. 

The Brazilian businesswoman has worked hard for her success, beginning at just 15 years old when she began working in the family jewelry store that would eventually grow into one of Brazil’s largest jewelers Neto Lima Group (NLG). This company currently operates over 100 locations across South America and employs more than 4500 people! In addition to running a successful chain stores throughout São Paulo state capital city area itself as well other nearby municipalities such Campinas 17km away ; Jundiai 23Km.; Sorocaba 35KM; Itapira 45 KM etc., due largely because they believe their employees deserve quality careers not only in the store but also for their families.

Luciana met her first husband, Joe Galliher, while she was studying in a university and working part-time at NLG. They were married from 1993 to 2000 when Luciana filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences due largely because Luciana’s ex spouse wanted children of his own whereas Luciana disagreed.

Luciana has two children, Eduardo and Giovanna, with her second husband Marco Antonio Costa whose father is a former Secretary of Finance in Brazil. Luciana was attracted to his intelligence which eventually led them both to fall in love. Luciana would later help launch the career of Marco Antonio’s sister Marisa Leticia after she gave birth to their first child. Luciana’s children are now both adults and have been accepted into some of the most prestigious colleges around the globe such as Stanford University, Brown University, Harvard College etc.,

Luciana Barroso has an estimated net worth of $960 million USD in 2019. She is a successful businesswoman who holds several positions within Johnson & Johnson’s J&J. Luciana is the Chairman of J&J’s Family Care division in Brazil and oversees more than 100 employees while earning an annual salary that exceeds $500,000 USD per year after receiving a major pay raise last month. Luciana was originally hired at Johnson & Johnson back in 2000 when she began working as Market Manager for North American Pharmaceuticals based in Philadelphia. Luciana’s current net worth is expected to exceed $960 million USD by 2020 and reach more than $11 billion by 2025.