Jake Paul is a famous YouTuber and actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Jake was born on January 17, 1997 and his full name is Jake Joseph Paul. Jake grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with his twin brother Logan Paul. Jake has worked as an actor since he was young and started making YouTube videos when he was 14 years old. Jake’s net worth is currently $9 million US dollars, estimated to be Jake Paul net worth $10 million by 2021.

Jake has many lucrative deals with companies such as Disney and he is also a very successful YouTuber. Jake currently lives in Los Angeles, California but his home town will always be Cleveland.

Jake Paul is on a mission to make $1 million in 2020 and he’s started with an impressive salary.

MTV announced that Jake will be making his own social media channel for kids called “JAM” where they can have fun, learn new skills from experts like Pew Die Pie or other famous YouTube stars like T-Pain, collaborate together about creative projects through video calls live streams events etc, as well being able to earn money doing so. You heard it here first people Jake has set the goal high but he will do anything necessary if its within reach because nowadays we’re all very busy adults who need entertainment too.

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