Fogging machine is used for a variety of reasons. From creating fog to sanitizing the place it is required everywhere. It is a device that emits a dense vapour that is similar to smoke or fog.

They are created by vaporizing proprietary water and glycol-based or glycerin-based fluid through the atomization of mineral oils. The fluid that atomizes or vaporizes the fog machine mixes the solution well to provide fog in the atmosphere. 

To use a fog machine you need to know how it works and how much liquid solution you need to fill in it so that you get the right amount of fog at the place. For this first you need to choose the right type of fog machine for your place so that you can use it more precisely.

Types of Fog Machine

Types of Fog Machine
Types of Fog Machine

Let’s go through different types of fog machines that use different materials and work in different ways. Different solutions are filled in the machine and then it is turned on to fill the place with fog. You can use it as a sanitizing machine or use it at different events to make fog, it will be helpful in both the things. 

Heated Fog Machine

This fog machine uses inert gas or an electric pump to propale the propylene glycol, mineral oil or mixture of water and glycerin into a heat exchanger where the solution is vapourized and converted into fog. 

The most common fog machine is the heated fog machine. Nowadays there are many different models of fog machines but if we talk about the basic model then it consists of a fluid reservoir and an electric pump that converts the liquid solution into fog. 

The modern models include a variety of features that consist of variable speed pumps, timer modules and some components for remote operation to monitor the fog machine. 

Chilled Fog Machine

Chilled Fog Machine
Chilled Fog Machine

Another comes the chilled fog machine that is especially designed to create clouds of fog lying close to the ground and dissipate as they rise. The fog created from this machine typically uses compressed liquid CO2, liquid nitrogen or dry ice. 

The effects are produced by heating water to the boiling point or near to the boiling point in a suitable container and then dropping the ice one by one in it. 

This is done because at standard temperature and pressure carbon dioxide is a gas, therefore it instantly sublimates with condensing water vapour to create a thick whirte fog. You can use different liquids to create the fog.   

Haze Machines 

One more fog generator is the haze machine that is used to create fog effects in the atmosphere. These machines produce atmospheric effects that are less dense than the one created from heated or chilled fog machines

The machines are used to create a more subtle look in the environment. The smoke created from haze machines is known as haze that can stay in the atmosphere for hours depending upon the ventilation of the area where the fog is created. 

It fills the space with visible effects that are relative to the fog machine. They typically take longer to fill the space as compared to the other fog machines. 

How to Use a Fogging Machine

A fog machine is easy to use, taking less time and effort. There are a variety of models available in the market having different storage capacities so that you can choose it depending on the place where you need it. It can work as a fog sanitizer machine used to spray sanitizer at office premises, houses or any other places where sanitization is required. It may also be used to create the fog effect at certain places such as concerts, theaters, nightclubs and many more. 

Just fill the container with the solution and plug it to the switchboard. Start the machine when you need it so that it starts creating fog in the atmosphere. Put it at the eligible height on the floor or on a table so that the fog is created at the right height where you need it.    

Common Places Where Fog Machine is Used

There are some common uses of fog machines and they also have some industrial uses. The machines have a wide variety of applications that assists in creating a specific mood at the event or creating a great feeling at the theatrical moment.   


Fog machine has always been used at theaters while skits and plays. They are frequently used on Halloween to display haunted houses and forests. 

Later on it became a trend to use those machines for creating drastic effects for theatrical moments and halloween. Apart from theaters they are also used in military services for training regimens.   



Due to the refractive and reflective qualities of smoke that the fog machines create they are often used in nightclubs and some other entertainment venues that are used to enhance the effect of lighting and laser in the surrounding. The use of these machines are rapidly growing as they provide more amazing vibes at the party.   


Another common use of a fog machine is in photography. Pre-wedding shoots and wedding shoots are in trend nowadays and to create a more adoring effect the use of white fog is done so that the pictures look more amazing and interesting. They are also used in fashionable photography to create a fantastic effect.

Industrial Uses

To get rid of germs and bacteria and to keep the surroundings healthy the use of a fog machine is done to sanitize the place. At militaries where there are dogs and some other pets the use of this machine is done to sanitize the place. It protects the worker from fumes, dust and other pollutants giving them a fresh and healthy environment. 

There are many more places where the machine is used and there are many different models of the fog machine which are available at online and offline stores. 

There are different varieties of sanitizer fogging machine which can help you sanitize the place or create the fog whenever required.