It’s just that you have never had a beef, dispute, disagreement or feud with anyone but there comes a time when you fail to tolerate something. For example, if you see someone teasing a black man, you might get excited, and in the end, you will write a speech on their wall or in an email. 

With internet media becoming a part of daily routine, the social networks are growing in number and so are the people who use it on a daily basis. Now people are more interested in surfing the social networks than doing anything else, and it is simply because they get to see a lot of interesting posts. 

There are tons of people who are so vocal about their opinions, thoughts and views. There are communities who are built for a good cause of supporting poor people, helping animals, and rescuing the homeless people. However, there are also people who are invading the privacy of other people, making fun of weak ones, and writing offensive comments on the posts of Instagram users.  If someone is trying to harass you online you can block them and get rid of their texts or comments that reflect nothing other than hate. But, if you are doing the same and writing something that most people don’t like then you may also get blocked.

The block feature 

Instagram and all the other social networks have introduced block options for the right reasons. You can remove anyone from your social circle by simply removing them from your life. When you block someone or when you get blocked the network never issues any alert. On Facebook, it is different though, whenever you are blocked on someone’s page you can definitely find it out easily. If you click on their profile page it will show you a message “no content found”,  or when you open the messenger you will not be able to send any message to the person.

How to know if someone has blocked you?

If you have been a friend to someone else but you don’t see their posts recently because you suspect that they have blocked you, follow the following steps:

  • Go to your Instagram account and login.
  • Now use the username of your Instagram friend.
  • If the username does not show up, try again.
  • Even after trying a couple times if you don’t see them, you are blocked. 

Alternate way of checking if someone has blocked you Instagram

  • Go to the profile of a mutual friend.
  • Scroll down until you find a comment or like from the suspect friend.
  • Tap on their username, it will take you to their page.
  • The page may shows Instagram likes on a certain number of posts on the page.
  • If you see nothing on their page despite that the number of post options is showing, you are blocked. 

If you can look up for the username of the friend from your Instagram page and you don’t see any posts. It could be just that they have deleted it or you will be able to read that they have made their account private. When an account is private Instagram shows the word “Private account” on their profile pages, this way you would be certain that you are still their friend but their profile is private. 

Why does someone blocked you on Instagram?

When someone blocks you on Instagram you don’t have to ask it from anyone else as to why they have done it. Most times you already know the answer yourself. There might be hundreds of reasons as to why someone blocks the person who was their friend once. Let’s check out some of the reasons.

Feud and dispute:

Feud and dispute are the first reasons why most people block their friends. If you are not getting along with your family members, friends or relatives you get blocked simply because you are not in agreement with what they have to say and do. 

It’s just that you have always been in a good relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend but now everything has changed drastically. You have a change of heart and you have told about it. After finding out that you have cheated on them or that you want to date someone else they have blocked you to put an end to the relationship.


Sometimes the relationships are not from fairytales, books and movies. Instead they are bitter and negative, causing nothing but emotional trauma and torment. If you happen to be in such a relationship where harassment is just a part of daily routine that your partner may block you out of anger. It’s not necessarily that you have done something, it’s just that they are gaslighting by blocking you out of their life. 

Toxicity in writing

I must say that a lot of users only use the internet to take revenge from other people for the things that they have not done. They write offensive comments on the pages of people just to please their inner devil. From this negativity they drive peace that they cannot get from anywhere otherwise. They feed on negativity and darkness. 

If you ever look through the profiles of famous artists and celebrities you would find people in the queue who write offensive and unethical comments just to get attention. In the name of freedom of speech, people love to speak their heart and as a result feel not even a bit afraid when it comes to writing hateful speech.  Normally, Instagram catches up on bad comments in which unethical words are used, but other times it cannot. If someone is using black satire in writing and is being completely rude in context, Instagram cannot read through it unless they use abusive language. If so, the user of the page has the right to block the poster who is not stopping at nothing. 

You may get blocked as well if you keep writing hateful comments on someone’s profile. It is therefore necessary to use good words when it is about sharing your ideas, thoughts and views. Even if someone is posting something you don’t like, you could use courteous language to pass your opinion around instead of being rude. But if you are being rude in writing deliberately, the person will block you and you never get an alert for it. Instagram does not alert you when you are blocked. It’s just that you need to find it out yourself by searching the username of the person.