EPF (Employees Provident Fund) is India’s best social security program for salaried employees. This program envisages employees and employers to contribute equally every month towards a consolidated post-retirement benefit fund, allowing them to lead a decent post-retirement life with dignity.

While allowing salaried employees to save for their retirement, the EPF scheme allows partial or entire withdrawal through the EPFO portal. Besides, it also allows online determination of EPF status.

The advantages of checking EPF claim status online are as follows.

  •         The procedure is simple and user-friendly.
  •         Users get the EPF status within no time.
  •         There is no documentation procedure involved.

Now that we know the advantages of checking EPF status online let us look at the avenues available before us.

The Introduction of UAN

EPFO has made it simple for employees and employers by launching the UAN portal to enable various online services. They include registering employees on the portal, paying EPF subscriptions online, checking EPF status online, applying for PF withdrawals, etc.

EPFO has introduced the UAN concept, where every employee has a unique universal account number for all PF accounts. This number remains unchanged, irrespective of the number of times an employee changes jobs. The employee can merge all PF accounts and maintain a single PF deposit account. The UAN serves as the UAN login on the portal enabling the user to avail of various services, one of which is checking EPF status online.

Avenues available for checking EPF status

Users can avail of the following options for checking EPF status online.

  •         On the EPFO Portal

The EPFO portal enables users to check their EPF claim status using the following procedure.

  1.   Employees should access the official EPFO portal to check EPF status.
  2.   The ‘Our Services’ section offers an option ‘For Employees.’ Employees should select this option to proceed further.
  3.   Employees must click on the ‘Know Your Claim Status’ present in the Services sub-section.
  4.   It opens a new tab requesting the employees to enter their UAN, followed by a captcha check. Then, users can proceed with the ‘Search’ option.
  5.   The next page has a dropdown menu that displays the member IDs. Users should select the appropriate Member ID and click on the ‘View Claim Status’ option.
  6.     The user gets the EPF status displayed on the screen.
  7.   The EPFO provides regular updates to the employees through SMS regarding all EPF claims. It also informs users about the transfer of the PF funds to the employee’s bank account.


  •         On the UAN Portal

Users can check their EPF status using their UAN login on the UAN portal.

  1.   Employees can log in to the portal using their UAN login credentials and password.
  2.   Clicking on the Online Services tab opens up a dropdown box.
  3.   Users can click on the ‘Track Claim Status’ to get the EPF status of their PF withdrawals or transfer online.


  •         Through Umang App

The Umang app allows users to track their EPF claim status. However, the users should have updated their mobile numbers with their UAN. The following steps enable you to get the EPF status.

  1.   Open the app and search for the concerned EPFO.
  2.   You get a range of options. Choose ‘Employee Centric Services.’
  3.   Proceed to check the ‘Track Claim’ option.
  4.   It will ask for your UAN. Enter it and get the OTP on your registered mobile number.
  5.   Enter the OTP and log in using the ‘Login’ option.
  6.     You get a list of all EPF claims with details such as Tracking ID, claim date, claim type, and EPF claim status.


  •         Through SMS or Missed Call

Users can SMS 7738299899 from their registered mobile number by typing ‘EPFOHO UAN LAN.’ LAN represents the language you wish to have your information in. The portal supports ten Indian languages, including English.

Employees can give a missed phone call to 011-22901406 from their registered mobile numbers to get their EPF status. The call gets automatically disconnected after a couple of rings. Then, automatically, the employee gets an SMS with the claim details on their registered mobile number.

  •         Through EPFO Toll-Free Number

EPFO has a toll-free customer care number, 1800 118 005, where customers can check their EPF status. However, users should have their UAN ready because the customer service representative would require this detail to check the EPF status.

Offline Withdrawals

Employees can apply for their PF withdrawals online and offline. All the above methods are useful for getting the EPF claim status if the employee has applied for the withdrawal online.

If the employee has submitted the PF withdrawal offline, they must contact the respective EPFO office and get the EPF claim status. Generally, the EPFO acknowledges the claim and provides a reference number. Therefore, the employee should quote this reference number in all their communications with the EPFO.

Final Words

As EPFO has streamlined the online claim withdrawal process, it is beneficial for users to lodge their PF claims online. Besides speeding up the process, it becomes easy for the employee to track EPF claim status online. Therefore, we have discussed the entire procedure of tracking your EPF claims.