Signing up on Instagram is just very easy. In fact, it takes only a few seconds to register a new account on any social network these days. If your name is a common one and there seem to be several other users with the same name as yours, you can make your username unique by adding hyphens, numbers and special characters.

If you wish to attract more natural and organic visitors to your profile, your username should be a simple one, make it attractive though by adding some characters here and there. Don’t overdo it because you perhaps would like people to look up for your username easily to find their way to the content you share on Instagram. It would help you tremendously if you are a gamer or an influencer wanting to make your viewership on your Instagram account.

Even though creating one new Instagram account does not take much time, it is likely that you love a username that is already used by another Instagram user. There are millions and billions of Instagram users that have created their profiles years ago. And their username might be the ones that can appear easily in the search results for containing a great Instagram handler. I would break it down further with an example.

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Let’s suppose you are looking for a buzz haircut on Instagram, if you write down the “Buzz haircut” in the search results, the relevant results pop up for you. The results with good likes, reshares and huge number of comments would be shown to you in the right order so you can go through the posts more easily and find what you are looking for. Likewise, some usernames are golden because people can find them easily.

If your name is “John”, there are many Johns on Instagram, you don’t wish to use unnecessary characters and want your name to contain both your first and last names, but it has to be very simple.  Although you can register one yourself, if you feel like the username you want belongs to someone else, you can reach out to them and ask them if they are willing to sell or give up their username. 

Why do people give up their Instagram usernames?

There are several reasons as to why people simply abandon their Instagram profiles or are ready to sell their usernames to those who contact them .

Fade up:

A lot of people who are doing social networking these days find themselves trapped in the tantables of networks. They have a firm believe that these network consume their a lot of precious time and that they are keeping them away from having a real life adventure, fun and entertainment they seek. Thus, they simply abandon their Instagram account as it is, and that’s too with a promise to themselves to never return back to waste their time. 

Busy Routine:

Nevertheless life gets busy sometimes oddly enough to make people be engaged in their house chores and work activities. Some people join Instagram to share the posts and content, they attract a lot of natural visitors and followers, but then they don’t feel attracted to social life because they have so much to handle in personal life. Many gaming influencers start promoting content enthusiastically and gain Instagram followers.

At one point, they end up abandoning their account and leaving it unattended. If you want to become an influencer too, you can search for an account and simply ask him or her for their username. Sometimes, people simply give up the username for free because they don’t need it. However, there could be an instance when you are asked to pay anything around 50 to 1000 for the username because it is famous with A lot of instagram Followers and organic viewership.

Need of cash:

Monetary gain could be another reason why most people are ready to give up their Instagram usernames. It’s just that they don’t have enough time to maintain their accounts and bring up more content for their viewers. These people find a buyer themselves as well. But you can find them too easily yourself. Negotiate on the price to acquire the username and build your own empire as the work is already done. The account may have a massive audience and regular visitors already, all you have to do is simply put new content in posts, feeds and videos to make your username or account grow socially. 

Asking someone (him/her) for their Instagram Username?

Even if a particular user is not active on Instagram, you can still reach out to him or her. Here are the best ways to do it. 

DM or PM:

The best way to reach out to someone for their Instagram Username is contacting them through a private message. Write a message with the reasons for why you want to buy or have their username. Keep your message brief, sweet and precise. Wait for the user to get back to you. 


If you cannot send that person a personal message for any reason, you can write down a comment so they can read it. Find the post where the comment section is active. Your best way would be commenting on a post that was posted not long ago and write a comment to request a personal chat or discussion. Most commonly you get a reply back instantly if you send a direct message or write a comment. 

Facebook profile:

A lot of instagram Followers Sometimes people mention their FB profile links or source website as well on their Instagram. If you don’t get any response in a private message, shoot a message to them on your Facebook profile. People use FB more regularly than they use Instagram pages, you are likely to get a quick response there.