The use of air curtains has now become common at work premises, storage areas and industries for keeping the temperature of the place cool and relevant. 

The device blows a good amount of air that stops insects, flies and pollutants from entering inside the place. They are especially mounted to keep the environment clean and dust free. They control the flow of warm and cold air as per the climatic conditions outside. 

An air curtain is the electronic device that is fan-powered and it creates an invisible barrier over the doors and windows that limits the entry of fumes, flies and other pollutants inside the resident, industrial buildings and commercial places

It is a continuous broad stream of air circulated across the doorway of a conditioned space that reduces penetration of insects and unconditioned air into the conditioned space. It forces an airstream over the entire entrance that blocks the path of insects and flies.    

Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner

How Do Air Curtains Work?

The device runs on electricity but consumes low electrical units as compared to other air cooling devices. If we talk about the working of an air curtain then it consumes different units and voltages as per the model. 

The device is equipped with two or more fans that extracts all the warm air along with dirt and pollutants and flows out cool and fresh air in the atmosphere. 

The air door has a grille that helps to easily extract the bad odor, fumes and dust which is compressed by the internal fans. It has a filter that cleans the air and then circulates it in the atmosphere. The most common types of flow are axial, centrifugal and cross-flow. 

The air stream works with a velocity and angle such that any air that tries to penetrate the curtain is restricted. 

air stream
air stream

It should be placed at the right angle so that the entire room gets proper ventilation. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the flow of the air. Usually the air curtains are placed horizontally above the openings of the door and windows so that it breaks the chain of dirt and dust in the place. 

Types of Air Curtains

There are two types of air curtains whose application depends on the intent space where it is to be installed. You can easily get them from air curtain manufacturers in India at a reasonable price. Here are the types.



In high traffic areas such as supermarkets, hospitals and heavy duty industries where there is constant foot traffic the recirculating curtains are a perfect choice. They are usually built at the entrance while the construction work is going on. 

A discharge grille is mounted at the floor that emits air from one side and collects it through the grille on the opposite side that returns through duct-work to the discharge grille. The low velocity air created by recirculating air curtains is more desirable for separating environments.


The non-recirculating air curtains are more widely used as compared to the recirculating one as these types of air curtains discharge the air to the environment. 

They are easier to install and have low maintenance. They are usually mounted horizontally and it gives an excellent architectural appeal to the place. These ones are widely found at offices and restaurants. They are also installed at home especially when you are allergic to some airborne diseases such as asthma. They look similar to an air conditioner. 

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Installation of an Air Curtain

The installation of an air curtain is not so complicated. All the attachments and stands are available in the box of the device. 

  • To install the air door you first need to clean the wall properly where it is to be placed.
  • Another thing that you need to make sure is the switch board.
  • The switch board must be nearer to the air curtain so that the plug reaches easily.
  • First the stands are to be mounted on the wall.
  • Then the air curtain has to be hung on it.
  • Before hanging it secure all the attachments properly and turn off the power supply while it’s installed.
  • Once it is mounted on the wall, it is ready to use.    

The air curtain price is affordable and if you are choosing a non-recirculating one then you will get it at a low rate as compared to the recirculating one. They can be easily accessed through the remote and smartphone that makes it an easy to use device.    

Cleaning of an Air Curtain

Cleaning of an Air Curtain
Cleaning of an Air Curtain

You should opt for timely cleaning of an air curtain so that the device works more precisely. 

  • The blowers and grilles of the air door must be cleaned properly with the help of brush and a dry cloth. 
  • If you are cleaning it every three months then you must dismantle all the parts and then clean them properly. 
  • The power supply must be turned off when you are cleaning the air door. 
  • Clean everything and let it dry for sometime.      
  • Once the parts are cleaned properly attach them again to the air door and hang it in its place.  

People use air curtains for home, for work premises and at commercial buildings where many people visit in a day and maintaining proper ventilation there is necessary. 

These transparent curtains are beneficial in providing cool and fresh air and it even gives the place an impressive appeal. The air doors are available in different models from which you can choose the most adequate one as per your place. 

So do choose an air curtain for your residential purpose and official purpose as they are one of the adorable devices for each and every place. 

In the pandemic era it’s better to be safe and precautionary so installing this one at office premises and in your house will save you from all the germs and bacterias present in the air and will keep everyone safe. 

The device will save the staff and the visitors as well. The air doors are also used in cold storage areas and warehouses where they maintain the room temperature and save the food from contamination, insects and flies.