Everyday life is on a disruptive phase with the spread of coronavirus. From self-isolation to the countrywide lockdown, many people are finding themselves in a bubble of utter confusion and anxiety. In such a situation, there are many ways that can help you cope up with the on-going crisis, one of the ways is to stay high on tech.

The South Korea authorities created an application that lets them monitor the situation of people located in quarantine for their treatment against COVID-19. The app helps the authorities in looking after the patients whether they broke rules of quarantine or not or how well they are cooperating with the medical staff for their betterment.

China is the major country that encountered disturbance on a high level due to coronavirus outbreak. The country is finding alternatives to fight the spread of coronavirus. The Health Code app is one such alternative created by the Chinese government in collaboration with Alibaba’s, e-commerce giant’s Alipay platform. The application allows users to know whether they are allowed to leave home or use public transport. The ap does that by analyzing the user’s data and location that is handed over to the police, according to NewYork Times.

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In Australia, researches from Monash University have been keenly observing how authorities and citizens are using tech to deal with the pandemic.

Professor Mark Andrejevic professor of media studies from Australia Monash Univerity says that this is the first pandemic accessible with the smartphone. He further adds that the smartphone is now being used to track people and also to monitor and control their movement to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

 How to Fully Use Technology against COVID-19?

With countries finding ways to counter the spread of coronavirus through the adequate use of technology, it is up to you to benefit yourself from the tech use as well. Here are some of the ways through which you can make sure to fight the spread of the COVID-19:

By Staying Informed

The coronavirus has been dealing with malicious and misinformation on the internet since its emergence.

In regards to coronavirus, the official responses were poorly organized which caused the spreading of the disease to different parts of the world.

What you can do on your own is to stay on top of the coronavirus update.

Here are the authentic and reliable sources t tracks updates regarding coronavirus update:

The tracker created by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins is reliable for having updates regarding the virus.

WHO and CDC make another reliable source and trackers for the COVID-19 virus.

The trackers made by media outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Posts are reliable sources to collect information regarding the spread and solution of the virus.

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Remember that for accessing these online trackers you need a reliable internet connection. Spectrum Internet in such times is the best option for a household in the United States. What you can do is contact Spectrum customer service to know which internet bundles they offering for your State.

Buy Online

Panic buying- what seems like an impulsive response of the citizen to coronavirus outbreak and possible lockdown in the country is an inadequate step for coping up with the situation.

Many stores and grocery shops have encountered panic buyers hoarding groceries to prepare themselves for a countrywide lockdown. This huge public gathering is an irresponsible step as out of these hundred people even a single person suffering from COVID-19 is a threat.

Therefore, the more diligent way is to shop online. Online retailers like Walmart and Amazon are offering their services to the citizens. Nevertheless, make sure not to order everything and anything online as it will cause a shortage of essentials for others.

Use Food Delivery Applications

If you are used to buying food from outside then this is not the right time. What you can do is use food delivering applications to avoid exposing yourself to crowded places.

Many of the food delivery applications such as Grubhub are the best option to get our food safely at your doorsteps.

Other than this, you can search for more options by googling the best food delivery apps in your area.

Key Takeaways

The coronavirus outbreak has caused utter distortion globally. However, it is up to us to either panic or end up taking inadequate steps or maintain our calm and choose the right thing to do. In this blog, we have highlighted some of the ways through which technology can help in preventing the spread of the virus. Not to forget that washing your hands with soap remains the first security layer.