Trading is an exciting and risky game, thanks to the volatility and prospects of making huge returns. The concept of trading bonuses is new in the foreign exchange industry but the introduction of such bonuses has further added to the excitement. The forex market is a very large and deep one and offers ample scope to have fun and make quick profits. Forex bonuses are paid by brokers to the traders in order to attract more traders to their sites.

A forex bonus is an incentive that a forex broker gives to its new or existing clients. It is designed to help the client start doing forex trading with ease. The main purpose is to attract new clients and to help the existing ones to make more profits. The aim behind it is to encourage the clients to trade more. If the trading volume increases, the broker gets to earn more.

A forex bonus is offered to the clients in case they achieve certain milestones. This can be related to the number of trades, volume of trade, investments made or new deposits made.

Forex Bonus: Best Forex Broker

The forex broker is looking to win the race with the best bonus. So, if you are an entrepreneur, who is looking to start with forex trading, it is important to know about the bonus that the forex broker is offering at that time. While everyone is busy promoting themselves on social media platforms and the internet to bring in new business, an entrepreneur has other things on their mind like how much money they should have as a cash reserve before investing it into that new equipment or product. Often times an entrepreneur already knows what they want to invest in, but are not sure about how much money behind that investment is required for its initial costs before earning a profit from it. The best way to know where and when to invest is by doing your homework around your specific industry and market to narrow down which products or services you should be investing in during this time period. The best way help you do this quick research, is knowing about any ongoing bonus or sale events nearby and taking advantage of them as an opportunity to further promote yourself as a successful business owner.

What is LiteForex?

LiteForex is a leading forex broker which has more than 80 offices worldwide. It has more than 3,000,000 clients. LiteForex offers the most popular trading tools and the lowest spreads. We give an objective review of the broker and compare the products. This review is carried out by our expert trader and FX analyst, who has experience in Forex for over 10 years.

The different types of Forex deposit bonus available

A deposit bonus in the Forex world is a sum of trading cash that is awarded when a trader makes a deposit into their trading account. The amount required can vary from broker to broker, as can the bonus amount. It is generally expressed as a percentage of the deposit made, and could be 5%, 25%, 50%, or more. There are some brokers that offer up to 200% or even more; however, most of the more popular brokers will limit it to 100%. As a general rule of thumb, you will find that most trusted and reliable brokers find that there is little need to offer a huge range of Forex bonuses, while those on the fringe tend to offer much more. However, we have to stress that you cannot judge the reliability of a broker solely on its bonus structure; there are plenty of other factors to take into account when choosing the best Forex broker.


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