Norstrat is a norwegian company that specializes in high-quality and innovative products for the construction industry. They offer both traditional and innovative solutions, such as norstrat’s norplan software platform. Norstrat was founded in 1995 by Thorstein Nylund.

At Norstrat, we are always looking for new ways to help our customers succeed.

We know that each of them is different and has unique needs so it’s important not only do you have great analytics but also content distribution strategies as well. There isn’t just one way or approach when developing your strategy; what works best may change depending on where the customer is in their growth cycle?

Norstrat norplan software platform is a design and engineering tool used by all professionals in the construction industry. Whether you are an engineer, architect or contractor norplan allows for collaboration across multiple disciplines to achieve superior results.

What does Norstrat provide?

The answer might surprise you! It turns out that while most companies offer a single product or service, there are actually only nine core business functions in the world. In order to be successful at running any one of these businesses on its own (without relying too heavily on another company), an organization must have all nine components fully functional and effective from financials through human resources this includes everything they need plus something extra: innovation & creativity; customer relationship management skills; leadership qualities such as influence over others’ thinking/actions.

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Norstrat are proud to provide their customers with a high standard of service. This can be seen in the Operations department, who ensure that all NorStrats’ standards for quality and safety are met at every occasion possible. NorStrats’ Operations department also ensures that all of norstrat’s employees are in good health and well-being.

Norstrat was founded in 2000 by 21-year old American entrepreneur Noam Solomon.

The company name is an acronym for Norstart Technology Solutions LLC., which provides search engine optimization services to entrepreneurs around the world who are starting businesses on their own or need help getting started with digital marketing campaigns like social media management, creating blog posts and other content material that will keep potential customers coming back time after time.

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