The cent image (¢) is employed once writing regarding U.S. currency to talk to a selected variety of cents, typically once coping with amounts but $1. you’ll group A cent sign up most computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS, and you’ll realize the image on keyboards for robot and iOS sensible phones. If all else fails, you’ll look for the cent image on-line and replica and paste it into your message or document.

Cent Symbol Sign and Unicode

The cent sign may be a usually used image for the word cents, ofttimes utilized in worth listings and advertisements for amounts smaller than $1. as an example, fifty two cents are often written as 52¢ similarly as $0.52. it is also employed by different cent-like units in different currencies, like Mexican centavos.
It typically appearance cleaner to write down a price in cents exploitation the cent image instead of doing a cents-to-dollars conversion with a number one zero quantity of greenbacks. the matter is that the cent image is not found on most keyboards, that means it cannot be typewritten directly by pressing a tagged key on a keyboard.
It is, however, a part of Unicode, that is that the international normal for representing text on computers, sensible phones and different digital devices. which means that the majority trendy machines will show a cent sign, and there area unit ways that to enter it digitally.

Cent Symbol sign up Microsoft Windows

You can group A cent sign up most programs on Microsoft Windows exploitation the altitude code for the cents sign, that means a numeric code that you just sort whereas holding down the altitude key on your keyboard.
The altitude code for this image is 0162, therefore you hold down the altitude key and kind 0162 to enter a cent sign.
If you do not apprehend the altitude code for a cent sign or the other image, you’ll access it exploitation the Windows Character Map utility. To open this program, click the search enclose the beginning Menu or on the taskbar and kind Character Map, clicking the result that pops up. Search through the list of characters by scrolling or by writing cent into the search box. Use the provided tools to repeat the character into your computer’s writing board so paste it into another program.
You can additionally look for the name of the required image on a probe engine like Google or Bing and replica and paste it from the net results.

Cent Symbol sign up Apple macOS

You can group A cent sign up Apple macOS employing a keyboard route. Hold down the choice key on your keyboard and press the amount four. That key additionally has the greenback sign ($) thereon, which can build it easier to recollect that it’s related to U.S. currency.
To insert characters generally after you do not know a keyboard route, use Apple’s inherent Character Viewer. Pop it up by holding down the management and Command keys and pressing the key wherever you would like to insert the image.
Search through the menu for the image you would like exploitation the search box or by scrolling through the list. Click the image you would like to insert it into the program you are exploitation. If you would like to employ an emblem, open up the Character Viewer or copy and paste it.
Cent sign up sensible Phones
Most keyboards for iOS and robot sensible phones allow you to access a cent sign.
On iOS and robot devices, press and hold the $ image on the virtual keyboard to access different currency symbols, together with the cent sign. faucet the cent sign or another currency image you wish.