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Everything You Need To Know About Norstrat 

Norstrat is a norwegian company that specializes in high-quality and innovative products for the construction industry. They offer both traditional and innovative solutions, such as norstrat’s norplan software platform. Norstrat was founded in 1995 by Thorstein Nylund. At Norstrat, we are always looking for new…

Luciana Barroso

Luciana Barroso Net Worth $1 billion 2021 

Luciana Barroso is a Brazilian businesswoman and former model. She was the president of Heinz, an American food company for eight years until 2003 when she resigned from her post to pursue other opportunities outside of the company. In 2012, Luciana became chairman of Johnson…

Logan Paul

Logan Paul Net Worth $30 million 2021 

Logan Paul is a 26 year old social media celebrity, actor, and vlogger. He has gained fame for his Vine videos, YouTube channel with over 15 million subscribers, and various television appearances. Logan Paul Net Worth is $30 million. Logan Paul is one of America’s…