When it comes to garnering attention for your business, there aren’t many tools more effective than retractable banner stands. Customize these banner stands with your brand details and marketing messages. They’ll attract thousands of eyes at events, outside stores, etc. However, the marketing industry is evolving rapidly.

In 2022, many aspects of low-cost marketing will change. If your business requires cost-effective marketing solutions, buying a set of retractable banners makes total sense. Here are some market trends that may affect your plans to buy and use custom-printed banner stands in 2022.

Many Businesses Will Use Banner Stands

Several sellers of custom banner stands, marketing flags, and other print marketing materials are changing their order acceptance processes. Buyers can now directly visit the seller’s website to customize their banner stands. There’s no longer the need to call printing companies, coordinate with multiple designers, etc.

Buyers can simply upload their brand-related artwork on the seller’s website. They can then ask for specific prints and designs on their custom banners. Within a few days, the banner stand sellers will deliver the customized items to the buyers. This ease of ordering has significantly increased the demand for custom banner stands.

In a recent study, several small-scale business owners with limited marketing resources were surveyed. Most of them claimed that printed marketing materials like custom banner stands are still essential to their marketing efforts.

  • 92% of the small business owners that were surveyed claimed that printed marketing materials help them compete in local markets.
  • 82% of the surveyed small business owners said they’re printing custom marketing items at higher rates in 2022.  

How can small-scale companies prepare for these increases in demand for custom banner stands? Find a reputable seller, preferably a banner selling company that accepts large orders. Customize multiple banners and order them in bulk. Business owners can receive discounts and avoid risks like future shortages by buying bulk.  

Modern-Day Banner Stands are Easier to Use Than Ever

The latest and the best custom banner stands come with highly efficient spring mechanisms. Users don’t have to fold or roll the banner graphics. They simply need to release the banner graphic, and it will instantly “spring” back into the base. Hence, using custom banner stands at busy events will also be easier than ever.

You May Need Additional Accessories for Your Custom Banner Stand

One key advantage of using custom banner stands is their portability. Marketers can easily fold, store, and transport these items across different marketing events. However, if you want your custom banner stands to stand the tests of time, storing them properly is very important. That means users must purchase portable travel bags to store these stands.

Some sellers of banner stands are good enough to offer free travel bags along with these custom-printed marketing tools. Look for banner stand sellers who offer these types of amenities.

Buying custom banner stands with strong and stable bases is easier than ever in 2022. Smart business owners have already started stockpiling these stands to promote their brands in the most efficient ways in 2022.