Custom candy boxes have grown in popularity in recent years as consumers have become more discerning about what they eat. While candy bars are still widely consumed, there is a growing segment of the population that is turning to healthier alternatives such as chewing gum or energy bars. The packaging alone makes these bars look different and consumers gravitate towards them. While candy bars remain a constant in society, it is the packaging that has changed the most.

Candy Packaging Companies

A good packaging company can help you create custom candy boxes that stand out among your competitors. Most candy Packaging companies utilize the same basic box design with subtle color schemes and themes. While the basic wrapper design stays the same, the contents inside each box vary dramatically. While the candy bar is made of cheap cardboard and very safe packaging keeps the original flavor of the packed products, the custom boxes are a far cry from that. You get the classic open up experience with your favorite candies and pick your favorite sweets from among the countless assortments of sweet treats.

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Packaging Design

Alpha Custom Candy Boxes pride themselves on providing you with the best quality printing and packaging available for the business. Their packaging design is modern, unique and fun. They not only have custom candy boxes, but also dummies, fruit, drink mix and many other styles. This type of custom candy packaging is not common, but it is a sure bet when it comes to quality. Printing on custom candy boxes by a reputable, professional printing company can set you apart from your competition and increase your market share. Every little detail matters when it comes to making a great first impression.


Whether you are having your candy customized with artwork, slogans or other design elements, you want the look to be a welcoming one. Your custom candy boxes need to convey the message that you want to send to your customers in a way that will appeal to their taste buds. While color has a tremendous impact, so does the type of packaging used to protect the contents inside. Alpha Custom Boxes prides itself on using the finest quality printing paper available, along with cutting edge, vinyl material covering to keep the contents fresh.


The materials chosen by Alpha Custom Boxes for the wrappers and boxes of their candies are specifically selected to meet U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. Their wrappers and bags are approved by the FDA, as are the boxes and all promotional materials printed from the design. This means that the entire operation is conducted in accordance with federal and state health and safety regulations.

Quality Printing Paper

Alpha Custom Candy Packaging is able to provide its clients with superior packaging, printed on the highest quality printing paper and die-cut to perfection. Their custom candy boxes can be printed in a variety of standard design templates to suit any product or occasion. All packages are accompanied by free nationwide shipping. They also pride themselves on providing an easy ordering system with personalized customer service. This means if you have any questions, they can help you out easily. All the companies in this line of business have gone so far as to secure superior distribution capabilities, including internet ordering and worldwide shipping options.

Coating Package

There are two different types of custom candy boxes that the company handles. The first is called the matte coating package, which features a white matte coating and the other is called the gloss coating package. The matte coating has a laminated backing which is peeled and stuck to the actual package with a UV curing process. The gloss coating has a thicker clear coat and is used for more delicate packaging applications.

Packaging Products

The quality and durability of any package are extremely important, particularly when it comes to shipping. Alpha Custom Boxes takes pride in delivering their custom candy boxes and other packaging products to their clients with optimal service. The quality of the cardboard boxes used and the thickness of the coating ensure maximum protection and long term durability of your candies.

You can depend on them to deliver your products on time and with the utmost quality. All the boxes come with a satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not 100% satisfied with the service you receive, you have the option to exchange or return the items for a hassle free experience. This is definitely a company worth recommending to anyone looking for quality packaging.