Boyfriend’s birthday signifies a lot to you (his girlfriend). It’s one of the days where you move into his shoes & please him with all your love and care. Along with all the strong hugs and soft kisses; you love to spoil your boyfriend with birthday gifts.

As you have celebrated several birthdays of your boyfriend; you have tried the list of birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend like watches, scents, trekking bags, photo-frames, etc., etc. This year, you are hunting for more artistic birthday gifts for your boyfriend because they best complement the modern and fashionable side of your boyfriend.

So, here are the options of the perfect gift for the boyfriend on his birthday, all with an X-factor; thus ending into tokens he will hold dear to his heart.

Goodwyn Tea Refreshing Kashmiri Kahwa

 Did you always think of gifting star-rated tea leaves to your ‘chai lover’s boyfriend? The idea itself is so rejuvenating, let’s abandon the response to receiving it. This great quality refreshing tea Kashmir is an appropriate gift for all the tea lovers out there.

Personalized Awesome 3D Figurines for Couples

 If you have ever wished for the ideal gift for the special relationship of togetherness you experience with your boyfriend, then you have hit upon the perfect gift idea. This remarkable and mind-boggling 3D figurine deserves to be praised.

Socks Subscription

After Netflix, Hotstar, Alt Balaji, Amazon, & other subscriptions, it’s an opportunity for him to get the sock subscription. Yes! You can get him a socks subscription service in which he is allowed to receive one wonder pair of socks every month. Now, getting prepared won’t be prosaic for him anymore.

Personalized Photo Keychain

Reminisce the good old days, when you would treasure the picture of your cherished ones inside a flip-open heart? Take the concept & the old charm back with this beautiful piece of a keychain that can hold up your sweetheart’s picture for a lifetime.

Shower Beer Holder Bluetooth Speaker

If he is a shower singer and enjoys singing, dancing in the shower the most, then this is one of the perfect birthday gifts online. He can momentarily even drink beer in the shower with this two-in-one Bluetooth speaker & beer container. Allow shower time to be party time for him. You too can join him for entertainment! Ahaha!

Personalized Happy Birthday Greeting Card

Hand Made greeting cards are such a pleasant way of expressing your sentiments for the man of your life, but let’s face it you don’t have the time to relax & draw him cards. This attractive greeting card can be personalized according to your preference and can be created to look like it’s handmade. 

Electric Trimmer and Shaver

A slight weight do-it-all-electric trimmer & shaver may not be a lovey-dovey birthday gift for him. But it is a practical gift that he will appreciate if he loves to stay all groomed up.

Laughing Buddha and Chocolates Combo

Combos are forever a surprise to the sore eyes and a break from the usual bouquets & greeting cards. But this unexpected combo of a surreal Buddha figurine followed by a box of mouth-watering chocolates is all that you want to get his online gifts for boyfriend for a birthday out-of-the-box.

Camping Hammock

For your wanderlust boyfriend who finds solace in traveling and exploring the world, a camping hammock that he can hook to any tree is a thoughtful and useful gift. Camping hammocks are foldable, portable, and spacious, meaning you too can get cozy on your next trip and can carry it in your bag.

Hanging Oval Bottle Planter

Planters are exciting ways to amaze plant-lovers, and for pleasure’s interest if they are something so ample of love like this. The oval bottle planter is the ideal adornment for your ceiling & newly rented apartment.

Beer Chiller

Trifle compares to a cold beer. It’s unusual and magical. An icicle bottle topper will keep your boyfriend’s beer cold the whole time he drinks, even the last of some sips.


Pick from other gift ideas and thoughts on how to amaze your boyfriend. You can get across plenty of other online gift stores that also offer impressive gift hampers.